Aug. 26, 2019, 10:07 a.m.

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Hempnall First Team v Swaffham Town Res

Trevor Shurmer (Club Secretary)
Report By Trevor Shurmer (Club Secretary)

Saturday, 06th October 2018, 2:30PM, at Hempnall #1

Home Match, Hadley & Ottaway Anglian Combination Division 3 - 2018 - 2019

Loss, 4 - 7

Hempnall welcomed a strong Swaffham Reserves to Bungay Road for the league match.

After a good start to the season, Hempnall have struggled to maintain a settled side, and again, with the goalkeeper unable to play due to work, the normal stand in keeper (and joint manager) on honeymoon, two players suspended, two on holiday, and two injured, the squad was somewhat depleted.


Nevertheless, Hempnall were able to field 11 and the team looked strong enough, but with the other joint manager also having to take the flag, it was always likely to be tricky.

And so it proved.


Hempnall started well enough, and had a few half chances, but typical of late, the chances were not put away, and Swaffham’s youthful players started to make their mark, the number 7 being particularly troublesome – he is going to be quite a player.


As is now customary, Hempnall conceded what can only be described, for the most part, sloppy goals.

After going 1 down, Gent scoring to make it 1-1, it started to go pear shaped, and by half time, were 1-3 down.


However, we felt confident with the wind directly favouring Hempnall in the second half, that Hempnall would make the most of the conditions and get back into the game.


As one of the players said as we were walking back after half time, ‘the next goal is crucial’ - and so it turned out to be the case – a ball over the top and Swaffham were 4-1 up.


A couple more goals against, then Hempnall decided to move up a gear and get three back, through Kelly, Womack and Bennett.


It was another strange, mixed performance from Hempnall, nobody played badly, but only one player was outstanding, and there were too many errors contributing to Swaffham’s control of the game.


It was a pity for Wayne Collins, easily Hempnall’s best player, that his outstanding performance was not sufficient for Hempnall to get near Swaffham.


Let’s hope a few players will return next week, though Billy Kelly will not be one as he unfortunately sustained a serious knee injury and will be out for several weeks, a great pity for him and the Club as his form this season has been excellent (for both Saturday and Sunday sides). Hope you get back soon, Billy, we need you.