June 16, 2021, 6:58 p.m.

Our current team managers

Team Management

  • Aaron Bunn, Joint First Team Manager Aaron Bunn Joint First Team Manager

    Bunno as he is known played in goal for Hempnall FC a number of seasons ago, and always kept connections despite leaving the club to manage elsewhere. He returned in 2017 to jointly manage the first team with Jason Trett.

    He also kindly sponsors the first team kit for the seasons 2018-2020.

  • Jason Trett, Joint First Team Manager Jason Trett Joint First Team Manager

    Jason Trett has been in local football for many years and is well respected both for his football knowledge and man management skills. 

  • Tristran Docherty, Reserve Team Manager Tristran Docherty Reserve Team Manager

    Tristran has been with the club for a number of seasons, playing both first and reserves team football. He has decided the time has come to help run and develop the Reserves team, and we are extremely pleased to welcome him to join  James Bennett and Mick Leggett.

  • James Bennett, Assistant Reserve Team Manager James Bennett Assistant Reserve Team Manager

    James is well known at Hempnall FC, having played for the first team for several seasons, and has been instrumental in creating a new Reserves following the departure of the previous manager and players. The job he has done for the club so far is remarkable, and we are very pleased that he has agreed to help run the Reserves side going forward.

  • Mick Leggett Joint Reserve Team Manager

    Mick has been around football circles for many years, in fact, the current club secretary played Reserve football with Mick for Hempnall some 45 years ago.Mick has volunteered to help run the Reserves for the current season.